Facility Policies


When entering and exiting the dome please use the revolving doors ONLY. The doors located to the left of the revolving doors are for HANDICAP USE ONLY. If you are in need of assistance, please ask the Union Point Sports staff and we will be happy to assist.

ENTERING & EXITING THE FIELDS (when domes are down)

When entering and exiting the fields, please use the gates located on the outside of the fields. For safety reasons, please DO NOT climb or hop the fence.


Cleats are allowed to be worn on the turf, however, metal spikes and studs are strictly prohibited.



Spectators, coaches and players should be committed to promoting good sportsmanship and a safe, positive playing environment for everyone to enjoy within the facility.


Facility cancellations will be updated on the Union Point Sports website as well as Union Point Sports social media platforms.



Only water and sports drinks are allowed inside the dome on the turf. Any food, gum, or sunflower seeds are PROHIBITED. Cooking appliances of any kind are not permitted.



Smoking is strictly PROHIBITED anywhere on the Union Point Sports premises.



Alcohol is strictly PROHIBITED anywhere on the Union Point Sports premises.



Parking is allowed only in the designated parking areas. Please DO NOT park on Memorial Grove Avenue. Cars are subject to being towed if parked on Memorial Grove Ave. Union Point Sports is handicap accessible.



Please use all trash receptacles when discarding trash. Bench and spectator areas should be cleaned up prior to leaving the facility.



There is a dog park located on Memorial Grove Avenue right next to the old Naval plane. All dog owners are welcome to use the dog park at any time. However, Union Point Sports is dog friendly, but please keep all dogs off the turf fields. Animals of any kind are NOT allowed inside the bubbles.


Tents and canopies are not allowed on the turf fields.



There are four benches located on each field and each bench is meant to be used for players and coaches to utilize during games and practices. Any extra bench is to be used by spectators.
Coaches - please refrain from using benches as a training tool in any sort of practice and/or training.



Do not climb or swing from the goals inside or outside at Union Point. Coaches and players should be the only people that are moving goals/nets.
Coaches Note - At the conclusion of your practice/training, all nets should be moved back to their original location with weights attached to the back of the net. Please do not drag or move nets with weights or sand bags attached to them.



No refunds will be provided for cancellations due to weather or other circumstances beyond the control of Union Point Sports. However, to the extent Union Point Sports Complex has available open fields, it will attempt to provide make-up time on a first-come, first-serve basis.