World Class Facility

Union Sports Complex is proud to offer a wide variety of programming for several sports.

Indoor/Outdoor Facilities

South Shore Health Field 1 & Field 2

  • Field Structure

    Equipped with one air supported structure (dome) over each field with 48 LED lights inside each field. Each air supported structure will come down in early April for the spring, summer and fall seasons and will be put back in place for the winter season.

  • Field Layouts

    Fields are 110x70 yards and are lined for soccer (11v11, 9v9, 7v7) and lacrosse (men & women).

  • Lighting

    South Shore Health Field and Field 2 are fully lit with outdoor stadium lighting.

Outdoor Facilities

Fields 3 & 4

  • Field Structure

    Fields 3 & 4 are open to the elements year-round.

  • Field Layouts

    Field 3 is 110x70 yards and Field 4 is 120x75 yards. Each are equipped with lines for soccer and lacrosse while Field 4 will be lined for rugby (national & international competition). Field 4 has a berm on the north end of the field which will allow spectators to congregate on the hill and watch the competition from an elevated point of view.

  • Lighting

    Both fields will be lit with stadium lighting year round.

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Off The Field

  • Restroom Facility

    The restroom facility at Union Point Sports Complex is centrally located in the middle of all four fields and directly behind Field #2.

  • Concessions

    Our concessions stand is located directly behind our main office and is staffed by the Abington Ale House.

  • Walking Paths

    Around each field is a large, paved walkway which enables spectators to walk or jog around the 25-acre sports complex while enjoying the views of all four fields at Union Point.

  • Union Point Sports Main Office

    The main office at UPSC is located in the South parking lot off of Memorial Grove Avenue.

Air Quality

The airflow within the bubble is significantly more beneficial than an enclosed structure due to the constant airflow from the plenums in and out of the bubbles which replace air 24/7 throughout the day. The entire bubble is cleansed every 3 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but on average the circulation is 3 hours based upon the cubic inches of the bubble space.

Rules & Regulations

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic evolves, Union Point Sports continues to monitor updates and follow protocols established by health authorities as well as all local, state, and federal government mandates. Like you, we are firmly committed to prioritizing the health of our families, friends, and society during this unparalleled time.

Hand sanitizer is also available for use in both of our bubbles at the main entrances.



Dogs are allowed on walking paths but NOT on the turf fields. They are required to remain on a leash at all times, and owners must diligently clean up after their pets to maintain a clean and enjoyable environment for everyone.

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Field Map